Launching Workflow Conditions

You can specify different launch conditions for workflows.


Workflows triggered by the event are sent in response to a user’s action (trigger). It can be a subscription, registration, click in the message, purchase confirmation, app inactivity, etc. You can send events to eSputnik via Firebase / API, and they can be generated within the system.

Let’s see how to configure the launch on the event using a workflow with a welcome mobile push as an example. This workflow is triggered by a registration in your app.

  1. Create a workflow and select the message that will be sent to all new subscribers.
Creating a workflow and selecting the message
  1. In Start configuration, select Event-based and select the event type.
  2. In Process unique events, select once. This way welcome messages won’t be sent to users who attempt to register for the second time.
  3. Click Apply.
Event-based configuration
  1. In the general list, click Activate button and confirm it.
Activate button
  1. The workflow status will change to Active.
Active status

You can manage your workflows using the settings on the right.

Workflow settings


Regular workflows are only launched for a dynamic segments. A dynamic segment includes users who match the pre-selected conditions. By default, regular workflows are launched once a day after users’ recalculation. You can change the frequency in the settings. Before creating a workflow, you need to create a segment you assign to this workflow.

  1. Create a workflow and select the message that will be sent to contacts included in the segment.
  2. In Start configuration, select Regular and select the segment. Configure other settings if needed and click Apply.
Regular configuration
  1. In the general list, click Start and confirm it.

Learn more on how to launch a regular workflow.

On Contact Field Change

Changing the additional fields in the user’s profile can be a workflow trigger. It’s often used to notify about the completion of different actions, such as migration to another plan, subscription, change of preferences, unlocking a new loyalty program level, etc.

  1. Create a workflow and select the message that will be sent to users whose profiles have been changed.
  2. In Start configuration, select On contact field change and select the contact field. Click Apply.
On contact field change configuration

Note that the workflow will launch only if the field is changed:

If additional fields are changed manually or through any other method, the workflow will not start.