Creating Multilingual Messages

Use multilingual messages for the international audience and communicate in their language across multiple channels.

To create a message with different language versions:

  1. Click on the globe icon and specify the default language in the message template. The system will send this language version to the users with the corresponding preferred language and those without language preferences.
  1. Add a language from the drop-down list. You can add unlimited languages.
  1. Fill in the content of the messages. It may be identical or completely different. Changes in one message don’t affect other copies.



When you add a language, the system automatically creates a copy of the message you are editing at the moment. So if you edit the message in Polish, the system will duplicate this message but not a copy of the message in the default language. This feature simplifies work with languages belonging to the same language group.

For example, it is logical to copy the message in Portuguese for the campaign in Spanish, or copy the message in Danish for the campaign in Norwegian. Since these languages belong to one family, they have a similar structure and stylistics, meaning your campaigns would need minor editing in terms of design.

To switch between languages, use the drop-down list. You can replace any language, remove it, or set it as default.

  1. To finish settings, click the Save and exit button.

System labels multilingual messages with the globe icon in the general list. The number next to it indicates the number of its language versions.

Hover over the icon to see the list of added languages. You can go straight to editing the necessary template by clicking the corresponding language in the drop-down list.