Promo Code Sent via Preprocessor

Preprocessor is designed for sending mass mailings, but with unique content for each subscriber. At first, you need to generate file with data in certain format and upload it in eSputnik. During mailing, the system will take data from this file and substitute in messages. Usually it is used for sending mailing with personal goods recommendations, but one can use it to transfer any data, for example, promo code, instead of set of goods.


This method works only for emails. Learn more about preprocessor here.

Mailing sending process using preprocessor looks like following:

Creating and upload file for preprocessor with promo codes

It is necessary to create file of certain format for sending messages using preprocessor. File in JSON format needs to contain keys (email-addresses) and array with data for each key.

Example of file contents:

    "[email protected]": [{
        "promocode": "001100"
    "[email protected]": [{
        "promocode": "001101"
    "[email protected]": [{
        "promocode": "001102"

More information about file format is here.

Creating the message

It is necessary to substitute variable on the place of promo code. For given example the variable will be following:


Also, it is necessary to attach the preliminarily uploaded file of preprocessor to this message. And then you can send the usual campaign.