Events and Behavior Tracking

eSputnik allows you to track events within your app, site, or campaigns resulting from your users' actions: subscriptions, orders, views, clicks, etc.

You can stream events to eSputnik with the SDK help from the front end (for iOS & Android) or through API from the back end. Event validation will help you to check the correctness of event parameters at the setting up stage.

Use events for creating automated campaigns, segmentation, personalization, and analytics.

How do You Benefit From it in Terms of Retention?

  • Automated campaigns are triggered by real-time events, which means you can send relevant, timely messages: stimulate first order with special offers, reactivate those who didn't make target action after some critical time, etc. Use our ready-made workflows for different mobile-first solutions to speed up and facilitate movement through your sales funnel.
  • Segmentation helps you to know your customer preferences. Data on website behavior, mobile app and message activity is collected in real-time. You can create dynamic micro-segments for hyper-targeted campaigns based on orders history, average check, date of the last order, and any other criteria you like. As a result, every user will receive content that meets their individual interests.
  • Personalization is an ability to construct dynamic content in messages, in the app, and on the site based on contact data: recommendations, a random selection of goods, and urgent offers for different user categories.
  • Analytics generates data-driven solutions and predicts customer behavior. While processing new information from events, AI constantly learns and adapts to new tasks. Based on analytics on the changing and updating data, AI algorithms help answer the central marketing question: To which recipient what content in what order when to send.

Event Types

eSputnik is working with two types of events:

  1. System generated events are collected automatically. They include actions that occur in your omnichannel campaigns:
  • Delivery and its statistics by user devices and domains;
  • Opens;
  • Clicks;
  • Unsubscribes and spam complaints;
  • Delivery errors and their reasons.
  1. Custom events are anything that occurs in your app, site, CRM, or CMS:
  • App and browser behavior;
  • Session duration;
  • Orders and all their parameters;
  • Custom outcome;
  • Subscription updates.



Read Sending Past Events for more information on how to transfer historical events to eSputnik.



By default, the system stores event data for 2 years. All this data you can use for segmentation. To increase or decrease the storage period, leave a request at [email protected].