Setting Up Recommendations for Promo Campaigns

The recommendation block in the promo campaign allows you to show up to 6 products according to the data on the contact’s online behavior (viewed products on the site).

Contacts without sufficient data will see a selection of bestsellers.

If you've already set up Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Browse triggers, you can transfer the dynamic content block from the trigger to the promo template with minimal changes. The recommendations in the promo emails will look the same as in the trigger ones.

If the triggers in your account still need to be configured, or you need the layout of the recommendation block in promo emails to be different from the trigger emails, contact our support at [email protected].



Before setting up the recommendations, install web tracking and upload the product feed to eSputnik.

Creating Recommendations

  1. Go to your account settings -> Data Sources tab -> click the New data source button -> Recommendations for messages or website.
  1. Create a data source Personal recommendations or bestsellers (up to 6 products) based on visitor data. You can find it by ID: 3394.
  1. Copy the name of the created algorithm.
  1. Open the active trigger template (Cart or View). Select the stripe that contains dynamic content and copy it.
  1. Open the code of the copied stripe.
  1. Change the name of the data source in the code to the one copied in step 3.
  1. Save the stripe as a module.
  1. Delete the copied stripe from the trigger template.

Now you can insert the created module into any promo campaign.