Launching First Campaign

Pleased to meet you! Let us take you on a small tour of how to create, launch and measure the results of the first campaign!


Integrate your app to collect data and track user behavior.

Creating messages

All that you need to start a campaign

  • Create your first message. It’s easy and you don’t need any special tech skills (design, code, etc.).
  • Send custom, targeted messages that catch and engage users. You can use any data from users’ profiles, including journey data, for personalization.


One more step remains—to launch the first marketing campaign.

  • Set up automated workflows. A workflow is an automated message or series with a particular marketing purpose that is sent based on setup conditions.
  • Track users' actions and segment them by events. Segment your audience by personal data or activity (app registration, first subscription, location, preferred category, etc) and send them an exclusive offer.


Implement omnichannel communication to boost sales. Create and combine all channels in one platform:

  • Mobile push messages. Retain your mobile app users and give a boost to the ROI of your mobile app
  • Email. Import contacts, select a template and launch your email campaign — all in just a few minutes. You can easily create custom, targeted emails that engage and convert, all without programmers, designers, or web developers.
  • SMS is easy to implement and manage and works great for urgent updates, reminders and hot sales.
  • In-app messages are displayed in the application during an active user session.
  • With web push notifications everyone sees your offer! These messages appear right on the browser, even if your website is closed.
  • App Inbox messages combine the benefits of mobile and web push notifications. It allows you to deliver rich, personalized content to users directly on your site or app.

Manage them and optimize the process by connecting the channel that is most appropriate for each situation. The more relevant channels you use in your cross-channel strategy, the more effectively each channel will perform.