Receiving App Inbox Messages to a Webhook

Instead of sending API requests to our system to get App Inbox messages for your contacts, you can receive the list of all the available App Inbox messages to your webhook.

We can configure for you the maximum number of messages for your contacts. The default number is 1,000



We can send the messages to your webhook only for the contacts having externalCustomerId assigned.

Webhook Requirements

You have to send us the webhook URL, where you want to receive the messages, and the basic authorization (optional).

HTTP method POST
Authentication (optional) Basic
    "url" : string,
    "auth" : {
        "type" : "basic",    // Supported basic type only
        "username" : string,
        "password" : string

App Inbox Message

The messages you receive have the following format:

    "externalCustomerId" : string, 	// Receiver identifier
    "id" : UUID,                   		// Interaction ID. Used to set status
    "createdDate" : long,         	// Timestamp in milliseconds
    "title" : text,
    "content" : text,
    "image" : string,              		// URL
    "link" : string                		// URL
    "category" : string            		// Message category

Response HTTP Status Codes

200 OKSuccessful request processing.
401 ForbiddenAuthentication failed. The system retries such requests.
429 Too Many RequestsThe message number limit is exceeded. The system retries such requests.
400 Bad RequestAn issue with payload processing. The system does NOT retry such requests.
500 Internal Server Error
502 Bad Gateway
503 Service Unavailable
Temporary processing issues. The system retries such requests.