Scheduled Mobile Push Message

After creating a message in the editor, you have three options.

You can:

  • Test – specify a phone number and send a test message to it without leaving the editor.
  • Save and exit – the message will be saved in your account, and you can return to editing it.
  • Create a campaign – go to sending the current message. The system will not allow you to do this if the required fields are not filled in, for example, the name of the message is not indicated.

Clicking on the Test or Create campaign icons you may see the following popup window:

This is a system reminder that the mobile app is not yet connected or that you haven't selected the appropriate pricing plan for sending your mobile push notifications. If everything is set up all right, you will be able to launch your campaign immediately.

Campaign launch

If you want to send a previously saved notification, click on the create campaign button in the message list on the Messages → Messages → Mobile push tab.

To launch a campaign from the editor click on Create campaign and select in the popup window the segments you want to send the push notification to.

You just have to check the box next to one or more segments. If the contact is in both selected segments, no duplicate is created and only one push notification will be sent to the user.
In the preview window, check all the data to start the push notification campaign.

In the window Send options you can set batching:

  • As soon as possible – this option is selected by default. The system will send a one-time push notification to all contacts without any restrictions.
  • Limited – select this option if you want to send notifications in batches. For example, you have a small service department or a limited number of products and you want to avoid user dissatisfaction. You can set the number of messages and the period for which they will be sent.

In the same window, under the test button, you will find options for sending a message: Schedule and Start immediately.

The first button is relevant if for some reason you cannot be at the computer at the time of sending or you need a delayed start:

  • Select the desired date on the calendar.
  • Specify the delivery time.
  • Click on Confirm.

To make sure everything is ready, go to the CampaignsScheduled campaigns tab, where all campaigns with delayed sending are stored. If you need to cancel the sending, here you can also delete unnecessary campaigns.



Be careful, the campaign is scheduled according to the time zone set in your account.

Sending messages automation

You can also use campaign scheduling to send regular and automatic messages, such as birthday greetings.

Option 1. Schedule a message for a segment

  1. Create the segment with the condition Birthday = today.
  1. Go to the saved push notification and click on the Create campaign button.
  2. In the Send options window, select the Schedule button. In the window that appears, specify the time for sending, and in the Recurrency field, select the frequency Every day and confirm the settings.

Option 2. Send message from workflow

  1. Create the segment with the condition Birthday = today.
  2. Build the workflow using three simple blocks:
  • Start;
  • Mob Push;
  • End.
  1. You don't need to set conditions for the first and third blocks. In the parameters of the Mob Push block, select the message that you have prepared for the notification:

In the launch conditions, select the regular type of workflow, specify the created recipient segment and set other necessary settings.

You can see the results of all launched campaigns in the reports tab.