Collecting Contact Information Using Request Forms

Request forms allow you to collect and automatically transfer to eSputnik additional information about your users, such as their birthdays, preferences, needs, etc.

Request form

Creating Request Form

Go to Site → Widgets → Request Forms and click the Create request form button.

Create request form

The appearance settings generally coincide with those of other widgets. The main difference is the need to assign additional fields to store the received information, which will be discussed below.

Designation of Additional Fields for Data Storage

  1. Click on the question form component, go to the General tab on the right sidebar, and click Change.
  1. If the corresponding field does not already exist, click Add field and create it (more on creating additional fields).
Add field

After saving the settings, you will be redirected to the page with additional widget settings.

Contact Identification and Actions after Form Submission

Submitting a request form updates contact data by email or phone IDs, if the form contains the corresponding fields. If a contact with such IDs is not found, it will be created.

If the form does not have email or phone fields, the system will search for and update the contact by webId.

The double opt-in setting for actions after form submission is available only for forms with an email field. The option to add new contacts to a segment is available only for forms with email or phone fields.