Contact Blocks

Special blocks for removing/adding a contact to groups or updating custom contact fields.

Contains three block types:

  • Update custom fields
  • Add to segment
  • Remove from segment
Contact blocks

Common Block Parameters

Each block contains several parameters:

  • Email: Required parameter. Email address of the contact or the event parameter that contains an email address. The variable ${emailAddress} is specified by default. If in your event this parameter has a different title, enter it.
  • Contact ID: contact ID in the system.
  • Phone: a phone number of the contact or event parameter containing it. The variable ${phoneNumber} is specified by default. In your event, the variable may be called ${SMS}, ${Phone}.
Common block parameters: Email, Contact ID, Phone
  • Segment (for the Add to segment and the Remove from segment blocks): required parameter. Select the segment in the drop-down menu or specify the segment ID or use the dynamic variable ${segmentId}.

Update Custom Fields

The Update custom fields block updates static data in the fields that you specify. You also can use dynamic values, but the main purpose of the block is to make changing a specific field easier.

The need to update a contact’s custom fields may result from the execution of a previous block. When the block activates in a workflow, it searches for a contact in the system and updates the specified fields.



First, the system uses contact ID, if it's not specified, then by externalCustomerId to search for a contact, if this is present in the event parameters.

Update custom fields

In addition to the parameters specified in the Common Blocks’ parameters section, the block has such parameter:

  • Updated fields. Specified fields to update.

To add fields for update:

  1. In the Update fields section, click + Add field to add the fields you wish to update.
Add field
  1. In the Contact update window, expand the Add field dropdown list and select the field you want to update.
Selecting a field


Additional fields are grouped in the lists you created.

  1. In the Value line, enter the value for the selected field.
Value line
  1. To add more fields, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  2. Click Done.

The system validates the added fields and their values, and shows an error message if the validation is not passed.

If you need to edit the added fields, select the Edit field button in the Updated fields section and then edit the fields or values in the slide-out menu.

Edit field

Add to Segment

The block adds a contact to a list segment after they perform a specific action on the website or in the message.

Add to segment

Configure the parameters:

  1. Select a segment to add a contact to.
  2. Specify one of the parameters for contact identification: Email (required), Contact ID, phone.

By default, the contact is identified in the system by email address. The variable that contains a contact’s email address is already specified in the field. Change it only if you change the variable that passes it.

The Add to segment block creates a contact if not found. If the workflow contains the variable externalCustomerId and its value does not match an email or a phone number, then the created contact will include the externalCustomerId.



You can add a contact only to a list segment.

Remove from Segment

The block removes a contact from a list segment. After removal, the contact remains in the system.

Works similarly to the Add to Segment block, but instead of adding the contact, it removes them from the segment.


You can remove a contact only from a list segment.

Remove from segment

The block has the same parameters as Add to Segment block.

Configure the parameters:

  1. Select a segment to add a contact to.
  2. Specify one of the parameters for contact identification: Email (required), Contact ID, phone.



When searching contacts for Update Custom Fields, Add to Segment and Remove from Segment blocks, the following rules apply:

  • Contact ID has the highest priority among all parameters
  • If externaiCustomerId is specified, contact search will be performed by externaiCustomerId.
  • If externaiCustomerId is not specified, contact search will be performed by email address or phone number.