Well-designed segments are the key to the marketing campaign's success. Sending messages to a small target audience provides more value than a bulk campaign to the entire contact list.

Segmentation is the process of dividing the contact database into segments based on specific conditions, such as gender, date of birth, order value, region, interests, etc.

Effective segmentation allows for more precise adaptation of marketing strategies, messages, and offers for each segment of contacts. It can also enhance the efficiency of campaigns and improve interaction with the audience.

Segments Types

There are two types of segments in eSputnik:

  • Lists: static segments, that are updated manually, via workflows, or by transferring data via API. For example, when importing contacts, exporting them from reports or dynamic segments.
  • Dynamic: dynamic segments that are regularly updated according to specified conditions. As soon as a contact matches the specified conditions, it’s automatically added to the segment. If the contact ceases to meet the conditions, it automatically leaves the segment.

Creating Segments

  1. Go to ContactsSegments and click Add segment.
Creating segments
  1. Select the type and click Create.
Segments Types

Learn more about how to create dynamic segments >

Segment Management Options

To access management options, press the three dots icon in the segment field.

Segment management options

Available options:

  • Contacts export

Any dynamic segment can be transformed into a regular contact list. For example, it is necessary to save contacts in a permanent list, as contacts in dynamic segments are constantly updated depending on conditions.

  • Copy segment

Only for the Dynamic segment type.

  • Split segment

Used for A/B testing. Splitting can be done manually or automatically by activating the Distribute evenly switch.

Split segment



You can split a segment only if it includes more than 10 contacts. We recommend conducting split tests with more than 2,000 active contacts to avoid inaccurate results.

  • Empty segment

Only for the List segment type.



When you delete contacts from the list, they will remain in your database.

  • Delete segment

If you choose the Delete contacts also option, recovering contacts will be impossible.

Searching for Segments

searching segments

For a quick segment search, use the search field for: