Linking In-App with Mobile Push

In-App messages can be shown in the application in two ways:

Here we will look at the second method — how to link an In-App to a mobile push message.

How In-App works

Linking In-App to Mobile Push

  1. Create an In-App.

  2. Create or open a mobile push notification.

  3. Activate the Open in-app by clicking switcher, and select In-App message.

Open in-app by clicking



The link and buttons are unavailable for mobile pushes with linked In-App messages.

Mobile pushes with linked In-App messages marked with the chain icon in the system. Hover over the icon to see the name of the linked message.

Mobile pushes with linked In-App messages

Testing In-App Message

  1. Open the mobile push message with the linked In-App.
  2. Click the Test button on the top panel of the mobile push.
Testing In-App
  1. Select the application in the Send Test Message window, to which the push notification will be sent. If you have only one application, it will be automatically chosen by default.
  2. Enter the email, contact ID, or phone number into the Search field to specify the contact for the push notification.
Send Test Message

If the contact is an app user, you will see the such status:


It means the provided contact data has a matching mobile token. You can send a test notification to this contact. 

Otherwise, you will receive the following notification: The contact does not have an application token.

When you receive the test mobile push, click on it to see the linked In-App message.


See reports on In-App campaigns in mobile push analytics (messages with the chain icon).

The number of clicked messages refers to In-App messages.