Contact Base

You can upload the contact list to eSputnik in two ways:

The first method is more suitable for transferring contacts with email addresses and phone numbers. If mobile tokens are matched with this data in your database, you can also select this option. The API transfer method is universal and is suitable for importing email addresses, phone numbers and mobile tokens.

Note. Different web push providers have different requirements and settings, so it is often difficult to migrate the subscriber base to a new system. Due to technical features, sometimes you have to fill a database from scratch. However, under certain conditions, it is possible to transfer the web push token list. Each case is individual, so we recommend contacting our support team on this issue.



To keep the possibility of transferring the base of web push tokens, do not delete the script of your previous provider.

Typically, a contact base consists of the following contact data: name, email address, phone number, date of birth.

Manual Contact Import

There also can be additional information depending on the data you collect.
In eSputnik, a unique contact ID can be an email address and/or phone number.

To be imported manually, your contact base must be arranged in one of the following formats:

  • .xls – a table in Excel 97/2000/XP;
  • .xlsx – a table in Excel 2007 and above;
  • .csv – a text format designed to represent tabular data;
  • .txt – a standard Windows text document (separated by a semicolon or comma).

Note that .txt or .csv files provide faster transfers.

You can upload to the system a file up to 300 MB at a time. If your base is larger, split it into multiple files or delete unnecessary columns.

Read more on contact import.

Contact Base Transfer through API

You can automate data transfer using resources for adding/updating contacts. It allows you to synchronize contact list in eSputnik with your mobile app or CRM system. This way, your base will be regularly updated with new contacts. Each contact transferred by this method is considered confirmed by default. This means users confirmed their email addresses through Double Opt-In in the previous system and messages can be sent to them.

Segments Import

Contact base segmentation is an important part of modern marketing strategies. There are 2 ways to keep segments when importing a contact database into our system:

  • Transfer ready segments. You can add contacts to specific segments while uploading a file or transferring data through the API resource. You will find how to do this in the corresponding instructions above.
  • Transfer the base and build segments after the import. Flexible settings allow you to create static and dynamic user segments for effective targeting.

Collection of contacts from subscription forms

If collecting contacts using subscription forms is relevant for your business, you can set up the transfer of this data to eSputnik in three ways:

  1. Create your own web form in our constructor.
  2. Use the ready-made integration of Wix web forms.
  3. Integrate a third-party form with the API method to collect subscribers.

To set up a Double Opt-In workflow with the corresponding emails, use this guide.