Сommunication Channels

We recommend that you make importing your email, phone number, mobile or web push token database one of your first steps in migrating to the eSputnik platform. Next, you can start setting up your communication channels.


To launch email campaigns from our system you need to follow two steps:

Domain warming up is necessary even if you have been sending emails from another platform for a long time. This will provide a higher level of message delivery.


Sending SMS from your company requires a unique sender name. There are two ways to connect it with our system:

  • Apply to create a new name in our SMS editor.
  • Send out messages via the External SMS Gateway.
    In both cases, you will have to contact our support team at [email protected] to complete the settings.

Web and Mobile Push

Google Firebase will help you set up web and mobile push notifications sending in eSputnik. Then visit these pages for step by step instructions:

Web Push:

  • Web push subscription setting up;
  • Web pushes for Safari.

Mobile Push: